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LF Team in League of Legends - Free Offer

League of Legends

LF Team in League of Legends

Roles Player is skilled in the following roles.

  1. Mid Lane

Regions The player plays in the following regions.

  1. Europe West
  2. Europe Nordic & east
  3. Russia
  4. Turkey

Spoken Languages Player speaks the following languages.

  1. Greek
  2. English

Offer Description

As a mid laner: ~ 9 Years of experience (2 casual and 7 years of competitive and semi-pro experience) ~ Highest peak achieved Diamond 2 ~ Creative champion pool ~ Massive game knowledge ~ Leadership ~ Great shotcaller ~ Massive and confident knowledge in drafting (pick and ban phase) ~ Playmaker of the team ~ 24/7 Available,and have time all day to practice if needed ~ Good mindset and mentality for team

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Posted by Fox1ne
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